Guiding Question 1

What are the most important elements that make for a democratic society? Label and try to rank these elements in order of importance and give reasons for your rankings.

For a democratic society to function smoothly there must be good leaders to be elected that understand the problems and can propose ideologies to suit to all different members of the society and fair elections. You need a variety of different leaders for people to be able to elect as the primary leader for the country. Therefore each different leader needs to be able to appeal to a variety of different cultures and/or backgrounds of the diverse people in the nation. Each leader has to have different ideas to help improve the economy of the nation. For a democratic society to run smoothly there needs to be an undestanding by the people of the country, for the options that are being presented to them by the possible leaders. Everyone must have equal rights when elections occur/ when electing leaders. Therefore the democratic society needs thorough knowledge and understanding of the leaders being presented and equality during elections.

We think that openess to others oppinions and respect are the most important elements to make a democratic society. We also think everyones issues should be heard ,and ideas contributing to the laws of domocracy. Because if ones oppinions arrent heard it is not a true democratic society. Also we feel that a persons oppinion should not matter in their age, since younger generations have to live in this society they should be accoustomed to a democracy.
Rosalie and Eliza


Definitions: Democratic/Democracy

For a democratic society to function well, there must be fair elections with different political parties providing different views. This is important because in a Democracy the leader has to be voted on by the public and they're must be a variety of parties with different endorcements. The benefit of having a variety of parties is that people have choices to vote for what they think is most important/most suitable for their needs. There also must be laws which everyone must follow, no matter what you political or economic status may be.

Kathryn & Maya.

On the contrary, I believe that the important elements to a democratic society is the support of the people. Without their approval of this political system, how can the co-operate in making the society run smoothly? Although many people want a democratic society, there are the minority that can have a big impact on the political views of the society. Even though I believe that the approval of the citizens contribute the most to a democratic society, I do agree that leaders are crucial. In order for a democratic society to be organized, there must be a leader for each of the views in order to contribute the pleasing of all of their citizens.

-Janine F.

Guiding Question 2

What encourages obedience? Is it fear of punishment? A desire to please? Loyalty? Patriotism? Authority? What is the difference between obedience and conformity?

Fear of being punished, of the worst, of being killed or physically abused pushes people to be...
A desire to please your elders, parents, teachers, so that no one looks down on you as useless and pathetic, pushes people to be...
Loyalty or patriotism to your country so that when you do come back from war, you're a hometown hero, pushes people to be...
When there is no choice, because if you aren't then you're doomed, pushes people to be...
The higher authority has power over some aspect of your life, your forced or you're out, forces people to be...

But how far will you go to be obedient? Will you kill because of obedience? There was no stopping the Japanese soldiers to kill millions in Nanjing massacre. The Nazis didn't hesitate to kill Jewish people. So there must have been alot of obedience...

The lines are blurred when it comes to conformity and obedience. Same thing as why would you conform or be obedient to do something that is out of your nature. Maybe everyone's doing it so there's pressure, or everyone's forced and if you don't obey that there are consequences. Its hard sometimes to be the odd voice and not conform to or be obedient about something. And if there's one different voice or idea, its crushed. There really is no difference between obedient and conform, either way you're doing it someone else's way.

PeAcH and TaD