Guiding Question 1

From personal experience, what would you identify as the best community experience you have ever had? Try to identify what made it so memorable and positive.

The best community experience that we have taken part in would be the Outward Bound Winter Expedition. It forced us to work together, so that we could complete camping tasks such as collecting and sawing wood to stay warm. We could not have completed these tasks on our own and the result would have been negative memories and a sense of having failed. These tasks were crucial to our outdoor survival due to the extreme weather conditions. The feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment made it a memorable experience. We realized what our strengths and capabitilies were, which we can apply in daily life, as well as in unusual situations. It also gave us a chance of identifying our weaknesses very quickly, as everyones' well-being depended on getting things done properly. Back in our normal routines, we can now work on improving our shortcomings. Being with your peers pushes you beyond your limits to provide the basic necessities in an extreme environment. You have to perform and cooperate, even if your opinions differ. Overall, Outward Bound Camping has provided us with the satisfaction of knowing that we can accomplish almost anything, if we put our minds to it and work together.
-Sammy, Catlin , Rosalie

The best community experience we have ever had would be the Outward Bound Winter Camping Expedition. It brought people together and made us work as a group. We got to get to know new people and people that we did not know well. It was a good experience to increase the size of our comfort zone. These tasks were very important in order to survive the seviere weather conditions. Being with our friends pushed us to complete the tasks because we had to do it for each other. Everyone pushed themselves to the next level even though they were injured or frostbitten. After this great community experience we have realized that you must be independant to be dependant. Outward Bound was an amazing experience that made us stronger physicaly and mentally.
-Akiko and Alia

From personal experience, we would have to say the best community service experience we have ever done would be whenever our advisor would go to the food bank. I think the reason this experience is so positive is because we get to help people who are less fortunate then us and we get to see how privileged we really are. We also believe this is the most memorable experience because we get to work hands on. An example of this is when Sarah (a girl from my advisor group) and I (Maya) got to make food and serve it to the people who came in. We personally think that if anyone who reads this has the opportunity to work at a food bank, you should, because it is really great and it makes you feel a lot better about yourself when you are done.
-Maya & Kate.

We think our best experience in the field of community and service is our "out-of-the-comfort-zone" experiences from the Outward Bound Expedition. At Outward Bound, which is located up north in Burk's Falls, we went winter camping out in the wilderness of Canada. We had many exchange students from much warmer climates including Australia, France, England and South Africa. At -40 degrees Celsius, we cooked all our meals and slept under and on top of single, large tarps. Even under the harsh circumstances we had the best community experience we could have. You became friends with people who were total strangers to you, learned to be more independent and how to cooperate with each other, and how to work efficiently. Outward Bound was a beneficial experience to all of us Branksome Hall students who went. It will be - and is - one of the most unforgettable memories of our grade nine school year.
- Allison H.and Erica M.

We think that our best community experience was winter camping at Outward Bound. During our time there we became friends with new people and really worked together as a team. While we were there we experienced new challengs and we overcame them. This experience was so memorable because of the cold weather and helping each other stay warm and complete tasks at our campsites. It was also very positive because we learned new skills, such as camp craft and dogsledding. Also at the end of the experience we gained new skills and made new friends. Overall, Outward Bound was extremely memorable and positive and taught us many new things.
-Claire & Katherine

We agree that the most enjoyable personal community experience we have ever had was Outward Bound. We surprised ourselves when this proved to be one of the most pleasurable yet challenging experiences in our lives. At first, we both had a very pessimistic outlook on how we expected it to be; we were not looking forward to leaving our preferable comfort zone. However, when we got there, we realized how amazing this opportunity was. Without the distractions of modern day technology we were able to experience the beauty of the outdoors and bond with peers, seeing them for who they really are. Together we got through extreme cold weather, and occasional injuries and frostbites. We bonded with friends whom we were primarily good friends with but now we are even better. We all overcame many fears (such as a fear of dogs and skiing). Overall, the Outward Bound experience was amazing!
-Danielle S & Dilshaan P

In our experiences, Karam and I have been very ecstatic to have done alot of community services. For Toni, she has very much enjoyed having to take care of little homeless babies. It was very heart breaking to know that there was a section of the orphanage in which the babies, had contracted HIV Aids. It made her realize that we are very fortunate to have all the blessings that we can easily access today. For Karamveer, he has very much enjoyed working with young homeless boys who were treated badly by their parents. These boys come to our school everyweek and many students help them and let them gain access to the great facilities at ISB. We give them a different perspective of life and I noticed that they enjoy swimming in the ISB pool. Also, the older toddlers get a chance to go swimming with us, with floaters of course. In our humble opinion, the best part of this whole experience was to see their smiling faces by the end of the day.
-[Karamveer Narang and Toni Brillantes]-

Guiding Question 2

Adolph Hitler: “If you tell a lie big enough and long enough, people will believe you.” Does the fact that we are taken in by propaganda relieve us of the responsibility for our actions against others (the German or Russian people in their actions against Jews)?

We don't agree that if propaganda controlled our actions, we are not responsible for what we did. Even though we were taken in by propaganda, the actions that we did are still ours no matter what. It can not be reversed. Therefore, we are responsible for the actions that we took whether we were used or not. Such as the Germans; they were taken in by propanda to hate and blame the Jews for all of their problems. They were brainwashed to think and hate the Jews, so they did hate the Jews.