Guiding Question 1

When we consider the idea of service, is the actual act more important or is it fhe feeling we get from doing something worthwhile? Give reasons for your answer and, if you can, examples from literature and life.

We believe that the actual act of service is more important than the feeling we get after completing a worthwhile task. We feel this way because after doing something meaningful, regardless of how you feel, you have still helped your community and benefited others, which is far more important than how you feel about your good deed. In Animal Farm, Boxer, who resembles the working citizens of the Soviet Union during the revolution, shows an example of the importace of an act of service. Boxer works excrutiatingly hard to benefit the lives of his comrades on the farm by working as much as physically possible for him. After a hard day of work, Boxer does not necessarily feel heartwarmed by his daily contributions to the farm, however day after day continues to work to benefit the farm. Evidently, Boxer may not always feel particularly pleased with his work, nevertheless it makes life easier for the rest of the animals on the farm, proving that an actual act of service is much more important than the feeling received after completing a worthwhile task.

We personally feel that both the act of service is important but so is the feeling you get after it is complete. We think this because when you do an act of service you always feel better about yourself because you know that you just have just helped someone or done something that benefits others.It also gives you an Initiative to do more service afterwards.
- Maya & Kate

We believe that the actual act is more important, but if you do not feel like the service was worthwhile, you probably did not do a great job. The feeling of satisfaction comes after you finish the service. It should not be mistaken that you should only do the service for the feelings you get afterwards, but rather for the sake of wanting to help. For example Stalin tried to "help" the people in the USSR just to get a sense of power.That is not really being of service.
-Courtney and Catlin

In our opinion, the actual act is much more important than the feeling you get from doing something worthwhile. This is because there are some things in life that we act on but don't necessarily want to do. For example, our one hundred and fifty hours of volunteer service needed to graduate from high school is something many people do not want to do. If you are forced in to an act of service you probably won't get a good feeling after the act is complete. The act is the thing that is benefiting your community, not the feeling.
- Erica, Laura and Emily

In my opinion, I believe that both are very important aspects towards the idea of service being more worthwhile. Yet, if I had to choose one, I believe that the feeling you get from it defines the idea of service of being worthwhile. On the contrary, if you are looking for what defines the idea of service, that would be helping others. The satisfaction you receive is what you get in return for your acts of service. This is what makes your work worthwhile. If it is thought that the actual act that is more worthwhile, it will be beneficial towards the person receiving the service. If you do not feel satisfied by giving this service, it does not make the idea of service worthwhile for yourself. When you feel positively about your acts of service, that will benefit you and the person receiving your kind acts.
- Janine F.

I believe that the act is more important than the feeling. I agree with Maya and Kate that you feel satisfaction after you reflect on what you did. You might not be proud of your actions untill you actually look back at what you did and see how you have helped people.

Guiding Question 2

George Orwell: “If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” What does this have to do with the way propagandists use language?