Guiding Question 1

What difficulties arise when society tries to force people to make contributions and/ or sacrifices? Give reasons for your answer, and if you can, examples from literature and life.

We believe that many difficulties will arise in society when forced to contribute or sacrifice towards the cause. Some of these difficulties include rebellion, lack of good work and overall emotional status of the group. Firstly we believe that rebellion will arise because of the disagreements between the leader and the people. For example in Animal Farm by George Orwell, the animals did not enjoy being thought of as Mr. Jones’ (resembling the Tsar Nicholas II) slaves. Therefore, the animals of the farm wanted to rebel and get Mr. Jones off the farm. The outcome of this was successful and the animals took over the farm.Secondly the lack of good work will arise, because when forced to do things people will eventually become irritable. This is because their disagreement to the cause. The three of us agree that being forced takes away from the joy and excitement of actually doing the deed. This will cause us to not be passionate about the topic and cause us not to give full effort and participation to the cause/ work. Emotional status could then lead to rebellion.In conclusion we do not think it is right to force society to work, which will create sacrifices for the people, and problems later on.
By: Jacqui C. Dilshaan P. Kathryn M.

We believe that people only do things that they want to do, and that when they do those things they do them by force, they tend to not work as hard as they usually would. But yet subconsciously they think they are trying as hard as they would when they are doing something they like, but actually they are not putting as much effort in it. In the book Animal Farm the main character Napolean forces the other animals to work on the windmill. They take up all their time to do something that they don't want to do, just like our theory stated there results were dissapointing. They could have worked much harder then they did. As we know after the first time the animals built the windmill the outcome was not as they expected. They seemed to become frustrated multiple times because of negative attempts to do the right thing, but they never really knew what that thing was.
By: Rosalie and Eliza

The difficulties that arise when a society tries to force people to make contributions and/or sacrifices can be rebellion brought on by the lack of freedom. If the community is forced to participate in involuntary activities, the opposition; weather it is the minority or the majority, will rebel in some way to reap the benefits of all the forced labour. There is an explicit example in the novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell, when the farm owner Mr. Jones neglects the animals and they are forced to work with insufficient necessities. The animals rebel once they are persuaded by the thought of Animalism that was brought to the table by the wise words of the aged boar: old Major. Evidently this is a significant difficulty that occurs when actions of the community are suppressed. The way to interest citizens to contribute or sacrifice for the community is not by compulsion, but simply by compromise, consensus, and democracy.
By: Katie C. and Rachel SS.

I think that the more a society tries to force people into making contributions and sacrifices, the more aggression and resentment would arise. It is never a good idea to force people to make contributions and even worse to force people into making sacrifices unwillingly. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the farmer, Mr. Jones, worked his animals so hard that they became unhappy and decided to revolt. I believe that nothing positive can come out of forced work/labour done halfheartedly. I also believe that rebellion is inevitable if people are forced to sacrifice something of themselves in order for a society to function.
K. Ralph

The difficulties that arise when society tries to force people to make contributions and/or sacrifices are that the work that was done might be mediocre, the work might not satisfy the entire population and much discontent might be shown. Examples of this are in the novel Animal Farm, when the hens are forced to lay 600 eggs a week. The hens did not want to complete this task and rebelled. Many were killed because of this conflict. This could lead us to wonder what the consequence of an unfinished task would be in a society.
Courtney and Catlin

We think that if a certain government is to make its people make contributions and sacrifices without their consent several problems will arise. A problem would be that the people's attitudes will changed towards the government in a negative way. This would result in rebellions, unions and revolutionaries to appear throughout the country. A real life example of this is Bloody Sunday during the Russian Revolution. Father George Gapon was the leader of the petition asking for better pay, and a better work environment. The leader told the Tsar that it would be a peaceful march to hand the petition. Yet, the army of the Tsar opened-fired on the marchers and this peaceful march turned into a Bloody Sunday. This shows that although the Tsar made his people work under horrible conditions, the workers still reacted in a peaceful way.
Allen, Dinithi, Ema

Guiding Question 2

How does the use of propaganda create "group thinking?" In what ways does this group thinking impact individual beliefs, rights, and way of life? Where do you see this still happening?

The use of propaganda by the government creates group thinking by doing several things. One of these things would be that when a government uses this form of manipulation, many of the countries people would believe in these things since they are being fed this information directly from the government. But mainly, this would affect the youth of the nation. This is because children believe what they are told. This affects the individual beliefs, rights and way of life of each citizen. For example, if there is a war, and the country uses propaganda to promote the army and asking for volunteers, many will; simply because of the fact that they trust their leader and as I said before they will believe what is being fed to them. An example of this is recently it was found that the US government was rewording documents made by scientists explain that global warming is happening. Many of the US citizens, believed in this solely because they had elected this man to operate and maintain their country. Yet, now, it is easily seen by the constantly radical changing of weather patterns across the US and in Britain can be said to be caused by global warming.